Pūtea Āwhina Kaupapa Tuhāhā
Special Projects Grants
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The purpose of the Kaupapa Tuhāhā grant is to:

  • Deliver on the direction of our people to make sure the Trust is actively improving the physical, mental spiritual health of our whānau as per 4.1(d)(i) in the Charitable Trust deed
  • Doing this through delivery of programs (incl employment opportunities) to do this through building capability and capacity within our people.


$60,000 will be made available from the Charitable trust to cover the cost of the grant


For clarity, this fund is non- contestable and allocated via the Rotoiti 15 Trust Distribution committee.

The fund can be used to:

  • Progress kaupapa that create jobs or work towards job creation for our Rotoiti 15 whānau;  
  • Create programes to improve the health and well-being of our whānau.

Pūtea Āwhina Kaupapa Tuhāhā
Special Projects Grants

Kia mōhio noa, ka tiakina aunoatia e te paetukutuku ō mōhiohio. Mehemea tē taea te whakaoti tēnei tono i te nohonga kotahi, me kati noa i te pūtirotiro ā, ka hoki mai anō ki tēnei whārangi (me whakamahi i te pūrere ōrite) ina rite ai koe.

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