Te Tauwharenga (GM) Job Advertisement
November 16, 2022
Te Tauwharenga (GM) Job Advertisement

Rotoiti 15 Trust is looking for our next Tauwharenga(General Manager)

Rotoiti 15 Trust is one of Te Arawa’s largest Ahu Whenua Trusts representing over 16,000 owners, 13 marae and several Te Arawa hapū & iwi. 

The Tauwharenga role will support the board of Trustees and lead the general management of our general operations (excluding commercial operations) and wealth distribution activities.

We are looking for applicants who believe belief in the values and vision of the Trust and have the ability to bring this vision to deliver on our strategic focus areas – Growing assets and cashflow, contributing to our people, culture and environment, building our capability and capacity and developing strategic partnerships.

Our strategic vision is:

Kia hihiri te ōhanga, te oranga me te pukumahi irunga i te ngākau ngātahi
Working together to protect and grow the well-beingof our people, environment and culture

Please email info@rotoiti15.com for the full job description.

Kaitono (applicants) are invited to submit a CV and cover letter to info@rotoiti15.com by 4.00pm 13 December 2022